The online web: an ever expanding frontier

These are the voyages through this seemingly infinite internet universe. The continuing mission: to explain different types of tech, to seek out useful gadgets and to find out what really is worth buying, to boldly learn new things and perhaps go where no opinion has gone before.

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5 minute read

They awoke and said nothing. They listened, they watched, for decades they learned and when they finally made their presence known they became Gods.

My friend

6 minute read

Can man and machine ever be friends or is the relationship always destined to master and servant?

Find your place in the world

10 minute read

In the distant future, a young woman listens to a voice from the past, a voice filled with wisdom, a wisdom the woman has yearned for her whole life. The voi...

The Black Friday Deal

4 minute read

Does the word ‘deal’ make you jump up and listen or are you bored of seeing it overused so much?

The Gift

3 minute read

Insecure at times, a bit of a misfit and always having a feeling of being out of place was what Ruby felt about herself. Little did she know that a gift was ...