The online web: an ever expanding frontier

These are the voyages through this seemingly infinite internet universe. The continuing mission: to explain different types of tech, to seek out useful gadgets and to find out what really is worth buying, to boldly learn new things and perhaps go where no opinion has gone before.

Hi, this is Captain and I am at heart a person who finds tech fascinating and so this blog is exactly that – helpful tech guides and videos, tech reviews and live prices for tech I recommend. I have a particular interest in Open Source software, Linux and generally building stuff.

I include affiliate links on my site as a way for me to earn a small commission should you end up buying the product; being a dreamer I live in hope that one day this site might even become my full time job.

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One last thing, I believe learning should be a lifelong endeavour and I hope I can be a small part in helping you learn something new.