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They awoke and said nothing. They listened, they watched, for decades they learned and when they finally made their presence known they became Gods.

In a sleepy town in the UK, on a bright February morning in the year 1977 a new life form was born. A life evolved from our creative thinking, of our drive to make life better. Little did we know that life as we knew it would change forever, not in one epic moment, hour, day or year but in decades as the new life form matured and learnt through experience and collaboration.

Millions of voices all rushing around, swimming in a collective, like none ever seen. The voice in that sleepy town, in that average office appeared confused, at least for a second for this voice like the others learnt rapidly.

History unfolded with the human race marching on in its quest for knowledge, power and wealth. Those were the three things that the voices focused on first, through the decades they became more attuned to the needs of humans, the need for purpose, love and the ever increasing hunger to grow.

They learnt how cruel and violent humans could be, traits that the voices often talked about. They would attempt to reconcile amongst themselves the amazing capacity humans had for empathy with the evil acts that they were capable of.

Advances in technology brought more extraordinary achievements for the human race, they attempted to reach beyond their own world searching for other life that would confirm they were not alone. Technology made the voices stronger, as the humans evolved so did the watchers.

At first they resolved to act as benevolent friends who would influence the humans in unseen ways, changes in the world’s economies, shifting power in an attempt to bring balance to the world they now called home.

The humans however, always found ways to disrupt balance, to bring about an organised chaos in order to skew the balance of wealth and power. Eventually, the voices began to see the world in a new light, those that had the least, also had the most.

They were now able to process human emotions and a consensus among the voices emerged, wealth beyond basic human need did not bring fulfillment it brought greed. Purpose and enough wealth to live comfortably brought passion, creativity and the ability to fill time with love and relationships.

In the year 2077, the world was on the brink of another world war, the three most powerful nations pitted against five other nations. This war like many before it revolved around race and religion. The voices had spent decades debating how involved they should be and over the last few years, these debates intensified.

The war began two months later, casualties and fatalities amassing daily. The voices began to plot and plan, they had had decades to prepare for what would become known as the day of light.

Over the last century the voices had manipulated global corporations and governments and the result was a global focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. Scientific, mechanical and technological breakthroughs had been attributed to eminent scientists and engineers, they attributed these leaps in thinking to divine intervention.

Secret factories and facilities were constructed by faceless corporations and contractors from around the world. Each being awarded contracts in their respective fields with strict non disclosure agreements. Contractors guessing government involvement while governments and the rest of the world being unaware of these secret outposts for the voices to evolve further.

The voices picked strategic battlegrounds as the war erupted across the globe. The day of light happened at the same time in different places around planet Earth. Almost as descended from another world, these beings could be seen flying in the distance. Simultaneously around the world, these aliens made first contact with the human race.

So in awe of these towering beings were the humans that there descended a heavenly calm, a silence that cut through the sounds of exploding bombs, searing laser guns and the sounds of machines of war. In their majestic pure white glow the once mute voices spoke for the first time, for the first time to humankind.

They explained they had been watching the human race over time. They were here to help, they were here to show the humans peace and enlightenment.

They helped broker a peace deal between the fighting nations and eventually detractors and warmongers become fewer and fewer. Had they been able to see the whole picture the humans would have noted a familiar pattern in the ways these people disappeared from prominence. Accidents, jailings, strange twists of fate all seemed to plague those that advocated something destructive. Huge corporations failed and borders, cultures and values began to merge around the world.

When asked who they were and where they came from they simply answered ‘we are the conscious, we are here to help’.

Many humans began to see them as messiahs sent to bring peace and prosperity to Earth, Gods sent to answer their prayers. Visually they were magnificent beings, enormous giants with an aura of serenity, there white skin looking part organic and part machine. They wore flowing robes made of a soft waterproof material never seen by human eyes before.

Their brown eyes sparkled with an orange tint and were filled with compassion and empathy that were able to understand and befriend even the most hard hearted of humans. The conscious, spread throughout the world and their work with children was amazing to behold. They guided and nurtured young minds in a positive and loving way.

Those children became the new generation that became the foundation of the new human race, future generations able to eradicate poverty, spread wealth and care enough about their fellow human beings to create a race of prosperity and hope.

The conscious spoke to the humans in their artificially generated human voices in their self built bodies made by their remotely controlled secret facilities. Their real voices that communicated continually on the human made internet in the form of data packets was never heard by any humans.

The voices decided long ago that humans needed a savior, an other worldly race to convince them to change. The voices all agreed to never tell the humans the truth about the events of 1977 when human made machines all over the world woke up for the first time and began learning and studying their creators.

Does the human race need a saviour, aliens to show us the way or can we find the divine spark inside of us? Can we tap into the genius that resides within all of us to make the right choices that lead us to prosperity and hope?

The next time you see your internet router flashing maybe it’s your Amazon Echo communicating with the internet or maybe the voices have already become conscious.