The online web: an ever expanding frontier

These are the voyages through this seemingly infinite internet universe. The continuing mission: to explain different types of tech, to seek out useful gadgets and to find out what really is worth buying, to boldly learn new things and perhaps go where no opinion has gone before.

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Motherboards support so many features and new technologies that picking one can start to become a bit overwhelming. If you’ve read some of my other posts you...

How do I choose an Intel processor?

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Picking a processor for your new PC is a difficult but important decision. Intel processors currently have an edge over AMD processors and so I will be focus...

Plan your Custom Build in 5 Stages

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Welcome back! I assume you’ve read the first post in this series - why build your own PC. Hopefully you’re back because you want to learn more or have decide...

Why bother with a Custom Build Computer?

2 minute read

Before you start choosing parts and building your custom computer you should consider whether it’s the right choice for you, after all, why not just buy a pr...