Your desk is your temple…

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I spent several years as a mobile IT guy and met many users along the way. Travelling from office to office, putting out IT fires, sometimes feeling like the hero, swooping in to save the day and other days feeling like a counsellor listening to users expressing their IT woes.

The one thing in common all these offices had was the desk shrine. You know what I’m talking about; each desk had holy offerings, reverently arranged in a seemingly random fashion to appease the almighty spirit known as the computer.

The offerings? Little mementos and photos from holidays gone by, precious trinkets whose meaning is only known to the owner, coffee cups, sweet wrappers, fast food menus, the list goes on…The person opposite me at work has two cuddly koala’s hanging off both sides of her screen! All together now, awhhhh.

Since it’s a Friday and I’m posting my first Fun Tech Friday post, I’m going to dedicate this post to cool stuff you should put on and around your computer. Take a look:

Wondering what I have on my desk? The Dark Knight perches above my desk surveying the area for any threats.