USB 3.0 hubs for your desk

1 minute read

I’m sitting at my desk and need to plug in my USB drive, hmmm, resting my cheek on my table while I use my hand and amazing awareness powers to try to get to the back of the computer should work...right?

How many times have you tried this without using colourful language, incurring minor injuries or huffing and puffing loudly? Getting to that no go area called the back of your computer may not seem as easy as it sounds…

Why in the name of everything that’s good in the world did I neatly tie all those cables? OK, either I unplug everything or I tentatively start sliding out my computer from back there.

Slowly…slowly…no, no that’s not working, maybe if I…wait am I actually sitting crossed legged under my desk right now?

What’s that? Where did all that dust come from, please not the dust, anything but the dust, oh and is that an yellow m&m I see?

OK, so if I just leave the computer where it is and get a precious peek at the ports I’ll be able to guide the USB using my hands and my intuition, yes that’s right, I can do it, it’s in, I’ve done it, ouchhh…note to self: move out from underneath the desk before lifting head.

Victory is mine! All hail meee…wait where’s my photos?


Cancel the ticker tape parade, it’s the wrong USB drive…

…not only does it make life easier, you can charge your phone and other gadgets via USB and plug in SD or microSD cards as well.