LEGO - feed your imagination

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Our intrepid hero, Captain hurtles past Mars in his quest to reach the water rich moon of Jupiter. His shuttle is made of one of the most versatile tech in the known galaxy - LEGO!

He alone is tasked with a most noble and dangerous mission, to mine Jupiter’s moon Europa for the most precious commodity in the solar system: water. He alone holds the burden of human survival on Earth, for what used to be abundant on Earth is now virtually gone…

Captain could hear the countdown and felt a great weight of responsibility on his shoulders, he had been chosen from the world’s best astronauts, engineers and adventurers to go on this mission that meant the survival of the human race…3…2…1…blast off…his space shuttle was now en route to the most significant journey since man first set foot on the moon.

He had passed Mars and had Europa in his sights, his mission was clear to safely land on Europa, build a base and use the rover to mine water from the smooth but cracked surface of Europa. It would be this water that he would need to transport safely back to Earth.

The landing was smooth and his piloting skills were, well out of this world! What followed was long and arduous but our hero persevered, worked hard and never gave up. The base that would be his home for the next year was complete and the inhabitants of Earth once again felt hope in their hearts as they watched the daily feeds from Captain’s amazing adventure.

“OK Captain, the real work begins now, find the water and work out how to mine it”.

After assembling the rover Captain set off on his epic missions to discover water underneath the surface of Europa.

In a remote location on Europa others had been monitoring the arrival of an alien vessel on their planet, they had watched as this single being was able to create a base and they feared what this intruder was capable of. The high council had voted, their fear evident in the unanimous vote, they would use their most powerful and feared weapon, their defense system - the Tripod.

As Captain continued his surveying of the local area he saw in the distance a large imposing, no menacing behemoth approaching. The metal creature drawing closer shaking the ground with every mechanical step and creating a cloud of dust with each mighty advance forward…

“Captain, it’s time for tea, wash your hands and come downstairs, I’ve brought your favourite biscuits”.

“OK Mum!”

The fate of humanity would have to wait because even great adventurers need to refuel.

Enjoy countless adventures with Lego whatever age you are, alone or with your kids because imagination is what makes real things possible in the real world.