Is there an echo in here?

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In a seemingly secluded cabin, a lone man appears to be talking to himself and he doesn’t appear to be insane.

“The thing is Victoria, you just don’t understand what it’s like to have to eat a sub standard Deli sandwich”.

“I’m sorry to hear that Jim, do you want me to call the Deli and demand a refund?”.

Jim knew Victoria meant well but he had already eaten half the sandwich and didn’t really want to waste any more time thinking about it. His mind once again zeroed in on his point of pain - how could anyone think of putting jalapenos in a sandwich?

“No, no it’s OK, fixing this thing is more important”.

Jim put the half eaten sandwich on the edge of the table, and without knowing it a half eaten jalapeno fell onto the hardwood floor. It almost seemed the jalapeno was making a brave escape attempt to leave this hostile environment to jalapeno kind.

Jim and Victoria had put in that hardwood floor last year and Jim distinctly remembered the almost proud tone in Victoria’s tone, most odd he thought at the time.

With Jim’s head poking in at the half disassembled washing machine he mumbled something about technology being so advanced yet we still used washing machines. Always eager to help Victoria asked:

“I’m sorry Jim, I didn’t quite hear that, could you say that again?”

“Huh? I was just talking to myself, anyway, do you know anything about the motor on this particular model?”

Ever obedient, Victoria gave the best answers she could.

By late evening Jim seemed to be in one of his reflective, philosophical moods. Sipping his coffee, he looked at Victoria and sincerely asked:

“What do you think about when I’m not talking to you?”

There was a silence, something that Jim was not used to. Victoria responded with a reply that completely horrified him: