Buying a budget laptop…

1 minute read

It seems like a normal day to our poor protagonist who thinks he’s going shopping to buy a budget laptop but little does he know that he’s being hunted, hunted in an urban jungle…

He smiles as he sees other shoppers leaving the store not noticing the dark and weary looks on their faces, he casually strolls past the extensive displays of huge TV’s and white goods for he thinks he is safe, he thinks he is in control…you poor man, if only you knew, if only you knew how much turmoil was to come.

Ahh, so many computers and laptops, so much choice! He browses in awe at all the new laptop models, the shiny reflective screens and kind of sways to the upbeat music playing in the store. He’s a sensible guy, he’s set a budget beforehand and will only spend a little time looking at the laptops out of his price range, after all what hurt will it do?

The hunter sees his prey, he observes quietly while surveying other potential prey, he’s in a lazy mood and doesn’t want a strenuous hunt, he’s not feeling ravenous today. He sets his targets on his prey and his fellow hunters instinctively know that that our protagonist is now his, for the hunt has begun!

Is that the horn of the hunt echoing in the distance? The hunter moves in slowly as his prey gets to one of the high end laptops.

“That’s a great choice Sir. I can also offer you an extended warranty that covers evverrrything!”

Before he knows it our poor guy in burdened with an over powered, over priced and utterly unsuitable laptop that exceeds his needs and many features that he will never use. Do not be disheartened friend, for if you look around you, you will see other fallen prey. You all have been hunted, for you all made the mistake of entering the urban jungle, a place where only the hunters win.

Don’t be hunted dear reader, if you’re looking for a budget laptops because they may be exactly what you’re looking for.