Time for a new laptop?

1 minute read

These last couple of months I’ve been considering buying a second laptop not because I’m unhappy with my HP Envy, but because things are changing in my household.

My son starts high school in September (I know exciting if not slightly scary times) and he will need to use a computer a lot more now. I have been forced to concede that I can’t hog the laptop anymore!

I knew I couldn’t spend too much money but secretly I wanted to buy an ultrabook. A thin sleek laptop that I could work on at the desk, on the sofa or out and about.

Ok I’ll admit I did spend time salivating over some high end ultrabooks like the Dell XPS 13 and my favourite the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Yes nice laptops but way out of my price range especially as a second laptop.

I was looking for a long battery life, a screen size of 13” to 15” and of course it had to be lightweight. I would mainly be using it for writing, web surfing, emailing and programming.

Hhmm, how was I going to get the best bang for my buck I thought?

After much searching I decided to buy a Chromebook…never heard of one? Read my post which is aptly titled: what is a chromebook?

My new laptop is lightweight, stylish and best of all it cost just under £270 ($300), making it great value for money.

Read my review of the Toshiba Chromebook 2 and let me know whether you would consider buying one.