Automate Chromebook fixes for Linux

1 minute read

In this post you can use my script to run any fixes and tweaks needed to get your Chromebook working under Linux. To make this script better please feel free to add your suggestions to add a feature.

You’ll find several guides on this site that help you install Linux on a Chromebook and you’ll also find several fixes that need to be applied after the install. These range from fixing audio, remapping multimedia keys and other tweaks.

I have also noticed from the comments section that for many people this is their first time installing and using Linux. For those brave souls and for those of you who want an easy, automated solution, there is a simple script that I have written to do just that.

How to Use

To use the script simply copy and paste the following commands in a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T on most Linux systems) and press Enter (this will get the script from my GitHub repository and run it).

cd ~/Downloads; sudo apt-get -y install curl; curl -LOk; tar -zxvf master.tar.gz; cd CBFixesAndTweaks-master; sudo -E bash

What will this script Fix or Improve?


  • The top row multimedia keys are mapped correctly (after installing Linux they defaut to the F keys). From left to right they become: Back, Forward, Refresh, Print screen, Super, Decrease brightness, Increase brightness, Volume Mute, Decrease volume, Increase volume.
  • Pressing Ctrl+Alt+multimedia key emulates the function keys (F1 to F10).
  • The search key becomes the CAPS LOCK key.
  • Pressing Shift+arrow keys emulates the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down.

Fixes sound on Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2014 version)

  • Sound works (you may need to check speakers are default in sound settings in your Linux distro).
  • Headphones will work but you need to manually change between speakers and headphones in sound settings in your Linux distro.
  • HDMI sound out works.
  • MIC is still not working, only option is external mic.

Update: This script needs updating and may not fix sound or keyboard settings, hopefully I’ll get around to updating this script.