Best Chromebooks for Linux

For Linux users (or readers who want to start using Linux), this is my round up of some of the most popular Chromebooks that support Linux.

RW_LEGACY or BOOT_STUB – which one to choose?

John’s custom SeaBIOS is able to modify a Chromebook’s BIOS so that it can boot from a USB drive in order to install Linux. Some of you may be wondering, what’s the difference between the RW_LEGACY and BOOT_SLOT BIOS mods?

Automate Chromebook fixes for Linux

In this post you can use my script to run any fixes and tweaks needed to get your Chromebook working under Linux. To make this script better please feel free to add your suggestions to add a feature.

“Oh you’ve got a MacBook as well have you?”

Striding confidently towards my desk with a satisfied look on his face, this is what my work colleague assumed. The expression on his face was one of welcome over to the Apple side, you have made a wise decision.

Please Ubuntu help me remap my keys…

I recently bought a Chromebook and found that after installing Ubuntu on it, the top row keys (apart from ESC and the power button) were mapped to the normal F keys (F1 to F10). Although this might be exactly what some prefer, I wanted the multimedia keys to work, especially the volume keys.

The awesome Toshiba Chromebook 2

The stand out feature of the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is it’s amazing IPS full HD screen, let’s take a closer look in this review…

What is a Chromebook?

On first mentioning that I was thinking of buying a Chromebook, the response from a work colleague was ‘a what book?’. I was surprised to find that most of the other guys in the IT department weren’t sure either.