How do I build a PC step by step?

The first time you build a PC from scratch is an exciting learning experience. I’ve tried to make these instructions as detailed as possible and hope that you will find them useful.

How do I pick a Graphics Card?

The graphics card has evolved from just rendering graphics on screen to also having a powerful on-board processor. That’s why you’ll commonly see a graphics card being referred to as a GPU, a Graphical Processing Unit.

Which motherboard is best for me?

Motherboards support so many features and new technologies that picking one can start to become a bit overwhelming. If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I like breaking things down logically into steps. I’ve come up with 8 steps that will hopefully make the selection process simpler.

How do I choose an Intel processor?

Picking a processor for your new PC is a difficult but important decision. Intel processors currently have an edge over AMD processors and so I will be focusing on Intel for this build series.

Plan your Custom Build in 5 Stages

Welcome back! I assume you’ve read the first post in this series: why build your own PC. Hopefully you’re back because you want to learn more or have decided to build a custom computer of your own.

Why bother with a Custom Build Computer?

Before you start choosing parts and building your custom computer you should consider whether it’s the right choice for you, after all, why not just buy a pre-built computer?