Time to build a video editing and gaming PC

Recently after several frustrating hours of trying to edit videos to upload to YouTube I came to the realization that my computer just wasn’t up to the job.

“Oh you’ve got a MacBook as well have you?”

Striding confidently towards my desk with a satisfied look on his face, this is what my work colleague assumed. The expression on his face was one of welcome over to the Apple side, you have made a wise decision.

What is a Chromebook?

On first mentioning that I was thinking of buying a Chromebook, the response from a work colleague was ‘a what book?’. I was surprised to find that most of the other guys in the IT department weren’t sure either.

Time for a new laptop?

These last couple of months I’ve been considering buying a second laptop not because I’m unhappy with my HP Envy, but because things are changing in my household.