Linux Distro Reviews Trailer

The journey to the creation of Linux Distros is a shining example of daring to challenge existing ideas about software and through new ideas and new philosophies, innovating to find another way.

Create a bootable Live Linux drive

In this post I’ll show you how to create a Linux USB drive or DVD disc so that you can boot your computer, laptop or Chromebook into Linux.

Remap keyboard keys for Ubuntu

In this post, learn how to change the default behavior of keys on the keyboard in Ubuntu, especially useful for multimedia keys.

Please Ubuntu help me remap my keys…

I recently bought a Chromebook and found that after installing Ubuntu on it, the top row keys (apart from ESC and the power button) were mapped to the normal F keys (F1 to F10). Although this might be exactly what some prefer, I wanted the multimedia keys to work, especially the volume keys.