Who are you?

Harry looked around, it felt like a dream. How had it come to this? The man lay bleeding, crying in pain, begging for help and Harry stood there frozen as if time had stopped, as if the world was paused for Harry to make his next move…


They awoke and said nothing. They listened, they watched, for decades they learned and when they finally made their presence known they became Gods.

My friend

Can man and machine ever be friends or is the relationship always destined to master and servant?

Find your place in the world

In the distant future, a young woman listens to a voice from the past, a voice filled with wisdom, a wisdom the woman has yearned for her whole life. The voice stops abruptly and the woman sighs knowing that she will have to work into the night if she wants to hear more.

The Black Friday Deal

Does the word ‘deal’ make you jump up and listen or are you bored of seeing it overused so much?

The Gift

Insecure at times, a bit of a misfit and always having a feeling of being out of place was what Ruby felt about herself. Little did she know that a gift was waiting for her under the Christmas tree that would change everything.

Is there an echo in here?

In a seemingly secluded cabin, a lone man appears to be talking to himself and he doesn’t appear to be insane.

Silence is not golden!

Have you ever been at someone’s house and you just can’t hear the movie, I mean the volume is turned up but all you hear is the crashes and bangs of when things blow up and explode but when the characters talk to each other it goes something like this:

LEGO – feed your imagination

Our intrepid hero, Captain hurtles past Mars in his quest to reach the water rich moon of Jupiter. His shuttle is made of one of the most versatile tech in the known galaxy – LEGO!

Buying a budget laptop…

It seems like a normal day to our poor protagonist who thinks he’s going shopping to buy a budget laptop but little does he know that he’s being hunted, hunted in an urban jungle…

I see the light, I see the new Pixelbook…

It’s the year 2017, after many years of false prophets rising and falling, the masses have gathered for what must be the saviour, the one true device that will bring us all the anticipated freedom we cry out for…

USB 3.0 hubs for your desk

I’m sitting at my desk and need to plug in my USB drive, hmmm, resting my cheek on my table while I use my hand and amazing awareness powers to try to get to the back of the computer should work…right?

Sound from Cubes

In the Avengers movie, there’s an artefact called the Tesseract which is a cool looking cube. It emits a blue light which would make an impressive tech addition to my desk. Since it’s Friday and I’m looking for fun tech, guess what I found…

Purism – laptops for Linux fans

Purism may conjure up images of a noble and selfless ideology but in this case the US based company Purism has security and privacy in mind. They’ve been in the news recently because of their crowdfunding campaign to build an open source smartphone but today, I’m more interested in their laptop range.

Your desk is your temple…

I spent several years as a mobile IT guy and met many users along the way. Travelling from office to office, putting out IT fires, sometimes feeling like the hero, swooping in to save the day and other days feeling like a counsellor listening to users expressing their IT woes.

RW_LEGACY or BOOT_STUB – which one to choose?

John’s custom SeaBIOS is able to modify a Chromebook’s BIOS so that it can boot from a USB drive in order to install Linux. Some of you may be wondering, what’s the difference between the RW_LEGACY and BOOT_SLOT BIOS mods?

Automate Chromebook fixes for Linux

In this post you can use my script to run any fixes and tweaks needed to get your Chromebook working under Linux. To make this script better please feel free to add your suggestions to add a feature.

How do I build a PC step by step?

The first time you build a PC from scratch is an exciting learning experience. I’ve tried to make these instructions as detailed as possible and hope that you will find them useful.

How do I pick a Graphics Card?

The graphics card has evolved from just rendering graphics on screen to also having a powerful on-board processor. That’s why you’ll commonly see a graphics card being referred to as a GPU, a Graphical Processing Unit.

Which motherboard is best for me?

Motherboards support so many features and new technologies that picking one can start to become a bit overwhelming. If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I like breaking things down logically into steps. I’ve come up with 8 steps that will hopefully make the selection process simpler.

How do I choose an Intel processor?

Picking a processor for your new PC is a difficult but important decision. Intel processors currently have an edge over AMD processors and so I will be focusing on Intel for this build series.

Plan your Custom Build in 5 Stages

Welcome back! I assume you’ve read the first post in this series: why build your own PC. Hopefully you’re back because you want to learn more or have decided to build a custom computer of your own.