Time to build a video editing and gaming PC

Recently after several frustrating hours of trying to edit videos to upload to YouTube I came to the realization that my computer just wasn’t up to the job.

I would like to say I spent a good deal of time considering my options but that isn’t the case. It took me all of a couple of minutes to decide that this would be a great idea for my next project – build a custom video editing PC!

Building your own customized PC can be a challenging but very satisfying experience. I’ve always enjoyed creating things and when I built my first PC many years ago I felt a real sense of achievement.

The great thing is that you’re in the driving seat, you get to pick the components and you get to build the thing from scratch. Maybe you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your desktop pc as well? With the release of the new Skylake processors and compatible motherboards I think it’s an ideal time to build a new computer.

If you’re like me you’ll probably want to start straight away but for those of you that are novice builders the idea of building a computer might seem a bit intimidating.

Well, in the coming weeks I will be posting my amazing, no…ultimate guide to building your own pc. I’ll include step by step instructions and videos to help you along the way.

Although my main focus is video editing the finished build will also be able to play mid-level games making it an excellent budget gaming rig.

Update: Here’s the finished video series

  1. Why build your own PC?
  2. Plan your Custom Build in 5 Stages
  3. How to choose an Intel processor
  4. Which motherboard should I choose?
  5. Find compatible memory for your self build PC
  6. How to pick a graphics card
  7. Storage options that you need to know about
  8. Buying a PSU that’s right for your PC
  9. What should I look for in a computer case?
  10. Video Editing and Gaming Skylake build for under $1000
  11. Build your custom PC step by step


  • You’ve outgrown the tosh cb2-ips ! Feeling kinda sad to be left behind still using it (galliumOS, xubuntu based for chromebooks), but your guides have been most helpful in getting things up and running. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks for the postive comments 🙂 I’m still using my chromebook don’t feel left behind! Once I finish this project I’ll be doing some more chromebook videos – it’s just trying to find the time between work, life and everything else….

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