Sound from Cubes

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In the Avengers movie, there’s an artefact called the Tesseract which is a cool looking cube. It emits a blue light which would make an impressive tech addition to my desk. Since it’s Friday and I’m looking for fun tech, guess what I found…

They might not be blue cubes but they look as cool, they’re bluetooth cube speakers that have several other functions. You can listen to music via bluetooth or from a jack or SD card, there’s a mic so you can take calls with your phone connected and most even have a FM radio built in as well.

With a rechargeable battery lasting an average of 5-6 hours these portable little speakers are very affordable being in the $10 to $20 range. They may not be the Tesseract but the designs and lighting effects do make them an interesting desk companion. Here’s my selection of the top 4 sound cubes:

Oh and if anyone does find a Tesseract speaker let me know…


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