Linux Distro Reviews Trailer

The journey to the creation of Linux Distros is a shining example of daring to challenge existing ideas about software and through new ideas and new philosophies, innovating to find another way.

Intel NUC – the perfect Linux desktop PC?

The Intel NUC is a barebones little PC that might be mistaken for a lightweight machine, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find this could be your perfect Linux PC.

Acer Iconia Tab 10 Review

There’s seems to be a lot less tablets on the market in recent years and this tablet is a welcome alternative to other higher priced tablets.

Install Linux Mint on a Chromebook with a separate home drive

In this post I’ll install Linux Mint on my Chromebook and give you a quick look at the distro. My Chromebook only has a 16GB hard drive so I’ll use an SD card permanently plugged in to boost home drive storage.

Create a bootable Live Linux drive

In this post I’ll show you how to create a Linux USB drive or DVD disc so that you can boot your computer, laptop or Chromebook into Linux.

Best Chromebooks for Linux

For Linux users (or readers who want to start using Linux), this is my round up of some of the most popular Chromebooks that support Linux.

RW_LEGACY or BOOT_STUB – which one to choose?

John’s custom SeaBIOS is able to modify a Chromebook’s BIOS so that it can boot from a USB drive in order to install Linux. Some of you may be wondering, what’s the difference between the RW_LEGACY and BOOT_SLOT BIOS mods?

Dual boot Chrome OS and Linux

In my original guide many of you have asked how to dual boot Chrome OS and Linux on your Chromebooks. I’ve come up with this how to along with the video guide to make the whole process easier to understand and follow.

Automate Chromebook fixes for Linux

In this post you can use my script to run any fixes and tweaks needed to get your Chromebook working under Linux. To make this script better please feel free to add your suggestions to add a feature.

How to build a PC step by step

The first time you build a PC from scratch is an exciting learning experience. I’ve tried to make these instructions as detailed as possible and hope that you will find them useful.

What should I look for in a computer case?

For some the computer case is an afterthought it’s just the casing right? For others it needs just as much consideration as all the other components on the list.

Buying a PSU that’s right for your PC

Many custom builders are really not sure what to look in a Power Supply Unit or PSU and end up just buying one without too much thought.

Storage options for your custom build PC

In the old days deciding which hard drive to choose was as simple as looking at the capacity of the drive. Nowadays there are several choices to make like interface types, speeds, storage technologies and physical sizes.

How to pick a Graphics Card

The graphics card has evolved from just rendering graphics on screen to also having a powerful on-board processor. That’s why you’ll commonly see a graphics card being referred to as a GPU, a Graphical Processing Unit.

Find the right memory for your computer

By now you will hopefully have chosen a processor and motherboard for your custom build PC, it’s now time to decide which memory modules to buy.

Which motherboard is best for you?

Motherboards support so many features and new technologies that picking one can start to become a bit overwhelming. If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I like breaking things down logically into steps. I’ve come up with 8 steps that will hopefully make the selection process simpler.

How to choose an Intel processor

Picking a processor for your new PC is a difficult but important decision. Intel processors currently have an edge over AMD processors and so I will be focusing on Intel for this build series.

Plan your Custom Build in 5 Stages

Welcome back! I assume you’ve read the first post in this series: why build your own PC. Hopefully you’re back because you want to learn more or have decided to build a custom computer of your own.

Why bother with a Custom Build Computer?

Before you start choosing parts and building your custom computer you should consider whether it’s the right choice for you, after all, why not just buy a pre-built computer?

Time to build a video editing and gaming PC

Recently after several frustrating hours of trying to edit videos to upload to YouTube I came to the realization that my computer just wasn’t up to the job.

“Oh you’ve got a MacBook as well have you?”

Striding confidently towards my desk with a satisfied look on his face, this is what my work colleague assumed. The expression on his face was one of welcome over to the Apple side, you have made a wise decision.

Remap keyboard keys for Ubuntu

In this post, learn how to change the default behavior of keys on the keyboard in Ubuntu, especially useful for multimedia keys.

Please Ubuntu help me remap my keys…

I recently bought a Chromebook and found that after installing Ubuntu on it, the top row keys (apart from ESC and the power button) were mapped to the normal F keys (F1 to F10). Although this might be exactly what some prefer, I wanted the multimedia keys to work, especially the volume keys.

The awesome Toshiba Chromebook 2

The stand out feature of the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is it’s amazing IPS full HD screen, let’s take a closer look in this review…

What is a Chromebook?

On first mentioning that I was thinking of buying a Chromebook, the response from a work colleague was ‘a what book?’. I was surprised to find that most of the other guys in the IT department weren’t sure either.

Time for a new laptop?

These last couple of months I’ve been considering buying a second laptop not because I’m unhappy with my HP Envy, but because things are changing in my household.